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DHA Film Festival 2020

Your tax-deductible contribution to DHA will help raise awareness of Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable’s legacy in the city of Chicago and beyond.

DHA Black History Month Events 2020


Press Release

Chicago, 19 June 2021

DuSable Heritage Association (DHA) is elated at the heightened interest in Haitian-born Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable, a known settler in the Midwest reputed as the Founder of Chicago. After more than two decades of tireless efforts to raise awareness of DuSable, DHA welcomes the focus of stakeholders, political leaders, and longtime advocates on his full recognition through impactful symbols, such as major street renaming, monument and statue erecting, and a dedicated day to pay him homage.

DuSable Heritage Association acknowledges this diversity of opinions and the wide range of innovative ways to properly honor and recognize the contributions of Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable, his wife Kittihawa and the Potawatomi Nation to the development of Chicago and the Midwest.  This important conversation must continue, as it allows us to better understand the journey of this Black man across the divide of land, water, and race--which apexed at the confluence of Chicago River and Lake Michigan. DuSable’s journey was important then and his legacy resonates today with persons of color, Indigenous peoples, and immigrant communities across the nation as they connect with their respective histories and seek to better affirm their identities in a diverse America today.

That said, DuSable Heritage Association strongly believes that the ultimate symbol of Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable’s rich legacy is DuSable Park. Therefore, DHA reiterates its stand for the implementation of the ordinance that approved the construction of the park without further delay. It has been 34 years since the late Honorable Mayor Harold Washington and leaders of his administration had dedicated 3.3 acres of lakefront land to build a park to memorialize the accomplishments of Chicago’s founding father. Yet, for 34 years, Chicagoans have awaited the development of DuSable Park. Sadly, the political will to build the park has been lacking ever since the mayor passed away in 1987. It is refreshing that Mayor Lori Lightfoot stepped up and committed to accomplishing her illustrious predecessor’s will, “(…) Long story short, we're now in a position where we can actually turn this park into reality and we've got the resources to make that happen," she said. This stunning awakening did not come one day too soon. Let’s finally build DuSable Park! DHA calls upon today’s political leaders and all stakeholders to seize the moment and honor the remarkable story, the trailblazing economics and entrepreneurships, the cultural mosaic and partnerships that blossomed along the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.

On Saturday August 21, 2021, DuSable Heritage Association will join DuSable Park Coalition and DuSable Park Advisory Council, and Chicago History Museum at Pioneer Court to commemorate the 203rd anniversary of Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable’s passing.  We invite all Chicagoans and our Midwest neighbors to join us and pay homage to the DuSable Family’s epic journey and legacy-making story.  The program will follow shortly.

COVID-19: A Special Message from DHA

Dear Friends,

The magnitude of the pandemic calls us all to action, from the highest authorities of the land to the lowest rung of first-responders.  In this spirit, Congress passed the "Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security" Act  to mitigate the adverse impact of the deadly disease on the economy.  As a modest service to our community and constituents, DuSable Heritage Association (DHA) researched this complex piece of legislation and packaged it in a format that, hopefully, is useful.

Please click here or on the PDF below and feel free to pass it along to your professional and personal networks.

Etzer Cantave
President, DuSable Heritage Association (DHA)

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