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                                                    Welcome to the 2023 DuSable Day Celebration


March 4th is an important date on Chicago's calendar. This year, a "trifecta" will be at play. On that Saturday,

(1) Chicagoans will celebrate the 186th anniversary of the City's Charter (Incorporation Day), (2) commemorate DuSable Day in honor of Chicago's Black Haitian-born Father, and (3) DuSable Heritage Association (DHA) will hold its Annual DuSable Celebration (commonly known as "The Gala"). 


We will feature DuSable Park and the extraordinary developments of the past years leading to its design and the DuSable Scholars Program--a partnership UIC-DHA, consisting of a full scholarship STEM-focused honors program for talented Black and Indigenous students (now in its second year).

DHA Celebration Invite_Final 1.21.23_revised.png
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